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Our price is calculated by the size of the suitcase and the time of storage.

The TOTAL payment of the contract must be made in cash at the time of check in or prepaid via PAYPAL or Credit Card (on our website). For booking on the site its necessary to request a coupon to include the discount on the purchase (In the case of the contract for two or more suitcases).


The contract will be started based on the date of check in and the current month charged as: monthly payment 01. The calculation of the amount to be paid will be carried out according to the number of months of storage (regardless of the fraction of the days).

If the check-in is carried out on the last days of the current month, it is possible to pay the first days of storage with the promotion rate (4.00 euros - medium bags and 4.50 euros - big bags) per day.  the monthly deal will start on the 1st of the next month.


If storage exceeds the number of months prepaid it will be possible to renew the contract, for the same amount, month by month. The monthly amount must be paid in full and will not be fractioned or refunded in case of baggage withdrawal before the agreed term.


The renewal must be carried out at least 5 days before the end of the current contract with the prepayment (in the forms of payment specified above). In case of no renewal a daily fee will be charged for each extra day per suitcase worth of 4.00 euros (medium Bags) and 4,50 euros (big bags).