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The services provided by THE BIGGEST CLOAKROOM IN THE WORLD are governed by these “Terms & Conditions of Service”and it shall be considered as an integral part of each individual contract for storage and for any other service finalized with the Customer.

Your contract for storage and for other services is entered into with the Company THE BIGGEST CLOAKROOM IN THE WORLD, accepting to store your luggage/item and/or to provide you with different services, you accept our terms and conditions.

Our terms and conditions apply to our employees, directors and the services performed within THE BIGGEST CLOAKROOM IN THE WORLD stores, any other services provided by the partner network, even those obtained within the store, are the exclusive responsibility of the contracted company.



The service of THE BIGGEST CLOAKROOM IN THE WORLD consists in keeping in storage at our facilities your luggage/items for the period indicated on your entry form (from the day and time of delivery of the luggage/item(s) to the estimated day and time of collection you indicated on the receipt).

We call the registration entry form form the document filled out by the client at the check-in time or Or registration made through the online booking.


The amount of the service must be paid in advance. (At the time of booking or at check in of luggage / items). The values are calculated from the size of the suitcases and the storage time. For the booking online, In case of a difference between the actual size of the luggage and the claimed size at the reservation, an additional fee will be charged at the check-in time .

For delay in the withdrawal of luggage / items, will be charged an additional amount referring to the hours exceeded.


At the checking time, a numbered card will be given to the customer with reference to each bag (to access the customer's data). Only the contractor (person with name registered on the receipt) can make the withdrawal of luggage / items.

THE BIGGEST CLOAKROOM IN THE WORLD´s stores are open from 10am to 9pm, seven days a week. For special cases or emergency there is a phone hotline 24 hour. At service points (CLOAKROOM partners) the opening hours will be subject to the opening period of the establishment.



If forwarding a forgotten item is requested, the Customer shall bear all costs thereof, which shall be payable in advance, plus a fee of €25 referring to administrative commission.

Any luggage / items that has not been withdrawal by 8 hours after the end of the reservation will be stored in a secure space for a maximum period of 7 (seven) days. After this time period, the luggage will be destroyed.


Items prohibited by law or considered hazardous under the national legislation, as well as items which by their nature or packaging may cause harm to humans, to the environment or to other luggage, are not allowed for storage. We do not accept storage of, nor provide different services for goods which at our sole discretion are considered as hazardous.


4.1 Cancellation by the Traveller


Up to 24 hours before the Luggage drop-off time agreed in the Booking, the Traveller may cancel their Booking and will be refunded at 50% of the amount paid online for this Booking. The remaining 50% ​​is retained to cover administrative costs.

The cancellations made less than 24 before the drop-off time agreed in the Booking hours  are not refunded.




The Claokroom may cancel a Booking at any time, if it proves impossible to provide the service. The traveler will be informed by email in advance and refunded the entire amount paid online for this Booking.


4.3 Cancellation procedure


Cancellations may be made without justification.


To cancel a confirmed Booking, the Traveller must send a email to info@thebiggestcloakroom with all the information about the booking and requesting the cancellation A cancellation confirmation will be sent by email.


The refund of the amounts due to the Traveller, where applicable, will be carried out within a maximum of 15 days from the time of the cancellation confirmation. The refund will be made through the same payment method used by the traveler at the booking time.


4.4 Cancellation in store


When the Luggage is dropped off or when it is being stored, each party (Traveller or The Cloakroom) has the right to terminate the service in the event of the other party's failure to comply with their commitments (unauthorised items in Luggage, inadequate premises or not as described in the advertisement, perishable produce, non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions, etc.).

Furthermore, Members accept the following consequences in the event of termination:

In the event of a Traveller's non-compliance with their commitments and/or with these Terms and Conditions, they will not be refunded by THE CLOAKROOM for the terminated Booking.


In the event of THE CLOAKROOM non-compliance with their commitments and/or with these Terms and Conditions: THE CLOAKROOM  agrees to refund the Traveller the amount paid online for this Booking in full or in part.